Professional Driving for Band Tours

Dead Tour 2009 with Strangefeather

When the surving members of the Grateful Dead went on their first tour in many years in 2009, Randy was driving for the young San Francisco band Strangefeather. Strangefeather played in small venues across the country \, and their itinerary overlapped with the Dead Tour in a number of cities.

So, when Strangefeather had a few days off and were in a town where the Dead played, Stangefeather played in the parking lots to the crowd gettign ready to see the Dead.

The bus:
The bus was the Sunchaser, a 1964 International, that had served as a bus for a wildwater rafting company. Randy bought the bus, removed some of the 1960s airplane seats, put in a bed, and it was almost ready to go.

The bus still had its canoe rack, which would come in handy when the band and a couple of other riders arrived in New York City.