Uncharted Charters Fishing Photos

About Uncharted Charters Fishing Pictures

Welcome to the Uncharted Charters website photo gallery, where you'll find a collection of captivating images showcasing our successful fishing trips in Stuart, FL. Feast your eyes on the incredible catches reeled in by our clients, from trophy-sized snook to majestic tarpon, as they proudly display their prized catches. Witness the sheer joy and excitement on our clients' faces as they experience the thrill of reeling in big fish, capturing unforgettable moments of action and triumph on the water. Join Captain Hugo Kirchner and our team for an unforgettable fishing adventure in Stuart, FL, where great catches and happy clients are the norm.

Uncharted Charters Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include Greater Amberjack (Also Called Great Amberfish, Jenny Lind, Rock Salmon, Doronado, Madregal, Amberjack), Great Barracuda (Also Called Giant Barracuda, Picuda ), Common Dolphinfish (Also Called Dolphin, Dolphinfish, Common Dolphin, Mahi-Mahi, Dorado, Dourade ), Goliath Grouper (Also Called Atlantic Goliath Grouper, Guasa, Mero, Grouper, Itajara), Crevalle Jack (Also Called Horse Crevalle, Jack ), Permit (Also Called ), Atlantic Sailfish (Also Called ), Black Sea Bass (Also Called Sea Bass ), Red Snapper (Also Called Pensacola Red Snapper, Northern Red Snapper ), Snook (Also Called Common Snook, Sergeant Fish, Thin Snook), Tarpon (Also Called Silver King, Silverfish, Sábalo ), Skipjack Tuna (Also Called Arctic Bonito, Bonito, Mushmouth, Ocean Bonito, Oceanic Bonito, Oceanic Skipjack, Skipjack). The Fishing photos are taken in Atlantic Ocean, Indian River Lagoon, Saint Lucie River, Main Canal, Indian River, North Palm Beach Waterway, Hobe Sound, Ocean Breeze, Jensen Beach,